BOUTIQUE Hotel „Integra“ 4*

    The hotel is located in the historic center of the city of Trebinje and it is surrounded by the medieval walls of the Old Town.

    The stone building, erected during the Ottoman Empire, was restored during three years of carefully executed works. The original exterior was retained and the interior was adapted to the new purpose. We are proud that the facility is heated and cooled using solar energy. Its energy efficiency is also enhanced by its built-in smart management system. All works were monitored and approved by the Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments of the Republika Srpska. The hotel has a total of 9 accommodation units, a garden in front of the entrance to the hotel, an à la carte restaurant with a terrace on the first floor and a beautiful winter garden with the Old Town ramparts.

    The opening ceremony of the Integra 4* Boutique Hotel was held on October 15, 2019.

    In this way, we have expanded our business, and visitors to the famous Lounge & Bar Restaurant “Integra” in Banja Luka, Aparthotel “Integra” in Banja Luka or Hotel “Integra” in Doboj will feel the already familiar ambience, the kindness of our staff and the distinctive flavors of superbly prepared food.